Discovery Flight

This is the perfect way to see the island and fly overhead the main points of interest (down along South Shore beaches, overhead Paradise Lakes, and back overhead Hamilton and Flatt’s Inlet), and good time frame for children.

Flight Time: 25 minutes (from takeoff to landing). Allow for 1 hour at the airport.

Cost: $300.

Full-Length Sightseeing Tour

A longer tour allows us to explore and fly over the whole island – all of the above, plus some spectacular cliffs and stunning turquoise reefs off of the west end of the island, shipwrecks such as the Vixen, Dockyard – and circle overhead any points of interest you’d like (beaches, forts, your house/hotel), while flying slightly slower than the Discovery Tour to allow you to take stunning photos – and even try your hand at the controls! This is our more popular option.

Flight Time: 45 minutes (from takeoff to landing). Allow for 1.5-2 hours at the airport.

Cost: $500.

Both tours include:  2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 children, subject to a take off weight restriction (450 lbs (204 kg) combined for all passengers). All taxes and fees included. Gratuities not expected or required, but always appreciated by our hard-working pilots.

Photography Tour Flights can be arranged for any requested parameters and flight time, within the operating limitations of staying within visual range of the island and 10,000′ or below.

We’re also happy to arrange for custom tours, as a specific event for VIP clients or guests, as well as proposal and wedding celebration flights.

You can also purchase a gift certificate for a flight, to mark a special occasion. They’re incredibly popular for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, father’s/mother’s day and Christmas.

To learn more, review our F.A.Qs or contact us today!