Bermuda From The Sky

Come explore the beautiful island of Bermuda with us, from a new perspective

Flying in a small plane gives you an entirely unique perspective of beautiful Bermuda. The islands and reefs are truly stunning from the air. The colours are incredibly vibrant, and you can see how our islands and communities fit together. Even people who’ve lived in Bermuda their whole lives usually see something they didn’t know was there!

The glimpse you get for a few seconds from the tiny window of a commercial flight when you land or take off is nothing compared to the views you get from the cockpit of a small plane. And, if you’ve never been in one, it is an experience and adventure not to be missed! For details and prices, learn more here.


We’ll provide the fun, adventure and stunning views–
so bring your camera for exceptional photo ops!

“My boyfriend and I have been to Bermuda before and were looking for a fun new activity to try. This flight was amazing….great views, flight crew was very helpful and let us personalize tour for sights we were interested in seeing. Tour was on time and a personal/private excursion that we both really enjoyed; we both felt very safe, take off/flight/landing were all very smooth. Would highly recommend.”

“Today we flew over Bermuda for our 14th wedding anniversary. It was absolutely brilliant! A huge thank you to Heather for arranging everything and a bigger shout-out to our pilot, Lester! Everyone looked after us and even had a glass of prosecco waiting for us after our flight! We were amazed to see Bermuda from such a completely different view. It is a wonderful place! This truly is the best way to see Bermuda and you should not miss paying these guys a visit!”

“I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting to be thrilled and facinated by what I saw flying around Bermuda. It was a view I had never seen before and Heather the pilot took us wherever we wanted to go. I saw houses and beaches and roads and pathways and fields and sights I have never seen before and I was born in Bermuda. I highly recommend it for visitors, children, locals, special occasions. Just call Blue Sky Flight! I went up for 50 minutes and it went by soooo fast.”

“We all know that Bermuda is a beautiful island, but this only becomes so visceral and so tangible when viewed from 1,500 feet up. This flight was a gift to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and what a gift it proved to be. Lester Nelson, our pilot, was a joy to fly with. My husband and I used to fly small planes, but rarely get the chance now. Sitting in the co-pilot’s seat and hearing Lester say those magical words, “You now have control”, made my day.”